Big Preach Community

We have a community for preachers on Why not join us there? Our  goal is to connect with preachers who will work together to do global projects on and offline. Men and women who will launch into global missions, leaders who will get the church back to acts in doctrine and power. You’ll have your own page and be able to blog. Associate members can join a forum and set up a group, participate in the ACT program and our projects.

Wanted Missionaries

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Why an emphasis on missions?

1.We have yet to influence society. (Matt 5:13).
2.Missionary work must be at the core of our faith (Mark 16:15).
3.Evangelists need to be supported on par with Pastors (1Tim 5:17).
4.Believers need to witness daily and be good at it (Ac 5:42).
5.Obedience to the Lord is important to us all.(Acts 10:33).
6.Pastors are leaving the church, we need to make the ministry attractive.(1 Tim 5:18).
7.As a Believer, Missions is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle!(Luke 9:23).
8.We have to launch a movement where age does not matter and everyone can serve God with their gift and ministry. (Acts 18:25.26).
9.Souls.. the souls of men. Men have lost their souls.(Jer 6:6).

Big Preach: Our goal: An organization that helps preachers build an online ministry as community leaders and pastors. A ministry that helps preachers connect to folks in their town and cities, so that they can build church plants or chapters as we call them. with our support as a community and backup as a ministry. We also want to help folks become missionaries where they are at. Many folks will never go overseas so we can help you become a missionary where you are. We help you build the necessary skills through our E books and Preachers Masterclass.

Contact us today and Join Big Preach.

Join Big Preach

dreamstime_xs_38754953.jpgMeetups: cafe’s, public places. Halls. churches talking God stuff. Revelation to shake us up and set our hearts on fire. One God Forums: Wesley had a holiness club, we have the Big Preach. Social media management for preachers: If you are a busy preacher, for a small fee your social activity can be managed by us. Web Design: Get a web page built for your church. EBook; Design. Ebooks: Details on Image Breakers Revival Preaching: Need a revival in your church. Contact us. Networking: Connection real life building friendships. Ministry Licencing: Get the title you deserve and recognition for it too. We provide CERTIFICATE and listing. E Preachers certificate also available for those who have

Why? We need to pursue our Mission, we need to reach a generation.We need to restore the brethren. We need to destroy old religious idols and build new foundations. The people are destroyed because of the lack of the knowledge of God… We will go tell them. The time is now!

How to Join: Got a website, and a twitter account and you believe in the one God and his name Jesus Christ and you preach salvation as the apostles did (Acts 2:38 10:44-46). WE ask for a fee of $35 renewable annually and all members have to complete a short monthly ACT assignment that helps them update their social media leadership skill-set.

Preachers Charter

1. To Pray Daily for the Lost.
2. To study and embrace the one God message as the scriptures declare
3. To seek to witness daily to those around us.
4. To live as kingdom men and women. as Lions displaying courage and as lambs displaying servant-hood
5. We make it a daily duty to strengthen a brother (Luke 22:32) whether that’s by online connection or offline visitation
6. We refuse to die without possessing our destiny.
7. We invest our gift, talent and ability into the lives of others
8. We seek to break boundaries and leave a legacy that strengthens humanity and glorifies God
9. We seek to make Jesus known to the nations and reveal him as the one true God (Isaiah 44:8)
10. We preach salvation as the apostles and be the revival everywhere we go (Acts 2:38)



ACT… Elearning

e-learning word cloudACT A Ministry Masterclass

Study the material e BOOKS of  Paul B Thomas and recommend a member.
Participate in our ACT TRAINING each month we will mail you the latest Masterclass. Keys, revelation and ideas to help you keep ahead in your ministry advancement on and offline. practical insight on how to develop your leadership potential and doctrinal to navigate your EInfluence.

Big Preach an online preachers organization that has the goal to connect preachers online to build an apostolic movement that preaches Jesus is God and that there’s salvation in his name. We seek to provide blog articles that will build your faith, provoke thought and deepen one’s understanding of God and truth. Our philosophy is to connect to preachers who want to step beyond denominational boundaries and go global with their mission, Our working practice is to provide material, that will help you build your ministry online.

While there are many offline organizations Big Preach is an online network of preachers, open to all. You may not have a full understanding of the oneness of God or salvation in Acts, that is no barrier. provided you have passion for truth we can work with you and coem to a full revelation of the apostles doctrine. If you are a former pastor and would like to re-enter the ministry, you are welcome, we believe in restoration and would say to you. It’s time to move on and do what you were born to do. We’ll help you do it.

If you are a preacher and you value the ministry gifts of apostle prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist or simply see yourself as a ministry of helps. you can join Big Preach and i’ll mail you a ministry certificate. To qualify all you need to do is have a website, and a twitter account. Your ministry will then be linked form our members page where you will be listed so that others who visit this site can also visit you.

To Join send $35 per year.